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  • NC Firearms Training | OnPoint Range, Raleigh
    When it comes to responsible gun ownership, NC firearms training and education are essential. Whether your interest is in a “gun training range near me” or a “Raleigh self-defense class,” OnPoint Range has you covered. OnPoint Range in Raleigh, North Carolina is the go-to destination … Read more
  • Concealed Carry | What You Need to Know
    What does a concealed carry class consist of? A North Carolina concealed carry class covers required information North Carolina residents need in order to carry a concealed firearm. Topics include: (1) basic firearm operation and safety, (2) laws detailing when you are allowed to carry … Read more
  • Understanding Bullet Calibers: What You Need to Know
    Caliber can refer to either the internal diameter of the barrel of a firearm or the diameter of the bullet. Bullet refers to the metal projectile when the gun fires, while cartridge refers to the entire unit (including the bullet, propellant, and primer) in the … Read more
  • The ATF Releases New Guidelines for Firearms with Attached Stabilizing Braces
    Overview In 2012, the pistol stabilizing brace–a component piece that connects a firearm to a shooter’s arm for added support and increased accuracy–was created for disabled sportsmen that could only manipulate a firearm with the use of one hand.1 After the stabilizing brace was submitted … Read more
  • How to Clean A Firearm | 6 Simple Steps 
    Cleaning a firearm at home can be easy with the correct information and tools. Proper maintenance goes a long way to keep firearms performing well. Whether you own a shotgun, rifle, or handgun, cleaning supplies and equipment are basically the same.  What You Will Need … Read more
  • Different Types of Ammo | What You Need to Know
    When walking through the gun store, it can be overwhelming to see all the different types of ammo. What’s more, each type has its own pros and cons, which makes choosing a type of ammo even harder. So what do you need to know about … Read more
  • Training | The Problem With Self-Defense
    Whether you carry a firearm or a knife, have outstanding empty-handed skills, or the best Shoe-Fu (running) in the world, the problem with any self-defense is in the title: defense. By its very nature, you are already behind as someone else has decided the when … Read more
  • Concealed Carry Gun | What You Need To Know About Choosing
    Choosing a concealed carry gun comes down to personal choice. We like what we feel fits well with our ergonomics and lifestyle.     It’s a challenge to find the “perfect” handgun for everyday carry.  Most people, especially those new to firearms, think a smaller size is … Read more
  • Training on the Range | Aim Small, Miss Small
    We’ve heard the term used in sports and in shooting, especially when training on the range. What does this mean and how do we implement this in our handgun training regimen?   Aiming Small When Training on the Range “Aim small” is focusing on a small … Read more
  • Range Training | Target Distance
    Did you know that more than 70 percent of self-defense encounters with a firearm occur around 20 feet and closer? That’s why most concealed carry qualifications (including North Carolina’s) are three yards, five yards, and seven yards (21 feet). Target Distance Issues     When working on the range, it is common … Read more