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training targets situated down range to show target distance

Range Training | Target Distance

Did you know that more than 70 percent of self-defense encounters with a firearm occur around 20 feet and closer? That’s why most concealed carry qualifications (including North Carolina’s) are three yards, five yards, and seven yards (21 feet).

Target Distance Issues    

When working on the range, it is common for us to see customers come in and set up their target, load and make ready, and finally send their target out to 10 or 15 yards.  Most of the time, the result is a poor grouping on the target.  This begins the frustration cycle for the shooter.   

When you train with target distance, you want to build solid fundamentals and technique. It’s important to warm up at close range and work your handgun fundamentals of:

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight alignment/sight picture
  • Trigger press
  • Follow through
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation

Your daily routine coming to the range you should start your target distance at three yards and build confidence that your technique is solid. Then you can work your way out to five and then seven yards. Find consistency and finish off with your distance training at 10 yards and beyond. Building this routine will help you diagnose your technique as you move from close range to farther distances.  All of our training classes/sessions work at close range and then work our way out. 

Target Distance Strategies

I would recommend that, occasionally, you come into the range and get set up initially seven to ten yards and beyond to practice “cold shooting” to see if your daily routine is developing into good technique habits. You evaluate and continue on to your close range and distance training routines.   

I personally like to do my “cold shooting” routine with the “Bill Drill.”  I use our OnPoint Training target that you’ll put out to seven yards.  You will load six rounds in your handgun and, with a shot timer or using the turning target program, fire six rounds. Your goal is to hit all six shots in the “A – zone” center mass circle from low ready or from drawing from the holster. For an intermediate shooter, four seconds is a challenging, but great goals.  

Improve Shooting by Coming in for Training

To enhance your training routines, join our training classes to experience our drills and training routines. This will give you a reference on how to practice and make the most of your range time.    

Sign up for Private Lessons, Concealed Carry, Everyday Carry.  

Be sure to complete our safety waiver before coming in to save time!

– David Ng
Director of Training

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