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AR 15 Classes

Check out our AR 15 classes and have some fun on the range!


Check our complete training schedule for a list of upcoming classes.

AR 1

Let’s add another tool to your skillset. Our AR course will start building your fundamental understanding of rifle safety, nomenclature, basic operation and how to zero your AR-15 on the range. Once you have the basics down, we’ll begin to move into proper stances, engagement sequencing and how to conduct bolt-lock re-loads all while shooting targets at close range.

Cost: $180.00

Length of Class: 4 hours

Estimated Round Count: 100

Pre-requisites: None


AR 2

We are all about development and continuing to build off of the fundamentals. AR 2 is no different as we continue in more depth on working with your AR/rifle operation. Focusing on marksmanship, handling, and learning intermediate positions to build confidence and improve competence. 

Cost: $180.00

Length of Class: 4 hours

Estimated Round Count: 80

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of AR 1 class


Be sure to sign our online safety waiver to make check-in faster!

Please contact us if you have questions!


Be sure to review our rescheduling and cancellation policy.