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OnPoint facilitates firearm transfers. This is the transfer of firearms to and from other Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders.  We offer this service to our members and non-members.

The cost for this service is:

$30/per firearm for OnPoint members

$45/per firearm for non-members who possess and utilize a valid North Carolina Concealed Carry permit.

$60/per firearm for non-members who need to utilize a background check.

Silencers/Suppressors and other NFA items

All paperwork processing and transactional elements regarding NFA items requiring action by OnPoint are by appointment only. Please call 919-439-0066 to make appointments.

NFA purchases from OnPoint and SilencerShop will not incur a transfer fee.

NFA purchases from sources other than OnPoint or SilencerShop will incur a $100 transfer fee per item.

If you have your silencer/suppressor or other NFA item transferred to OnPoint while waiting on your tax stamp you have the option to use the aforementioned items while on our range. See the following conditions:

Any NFA items purchased from or transferred to OnPoint (beginning 6/21/2023), that the customer would like to use (on our range) while waiting for their tax stamp(s) will incur an one-time $75 access fee per item.

*Additional shipping costs may apply for transfers to other FFL’s.

If you would like to have a firearm transferred to OnPoint for pick up please make sure you follow these instructions:

  • Please send an email to to make us aware of the incoming transfer.
  • Please ask the transferring FFL to send an email to containing the following information:
    • A copy of the selling dealer’s Federal Firearms License
    • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address
    • Make, Model and serial number of the firearm being transferred to Onpoint
  • Please wait for Onpoint to contact you regarding the pick up of your transfer.
    • Once the firearm arrives it takes 24-48 hours for us to process the firearm and enter it into our system.
  • Once contacted, please be sure to bring the appropriate and necessary documentation with you when you come to pick up the firearm:
    • Valid state issued identification (Driver’s license, state ID card, etc.)
    • Valid North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permit or North Carolina Concealed Carry Card (for handgun purchases).
      • You may use the above to also transfer a long gun.
    • You will be required to complete the ATF form 4473 for any and all incoming transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Onpoint handle NFA items?

Yes, please send an email to to start the process.  Please include your name and telephone number and we will be happy to help you!

How long do I have to pick up my firearm?

You must pick up transfers to OnPoint no more than 30 days from the day OnPoint contacts you.  Firearms not picked up after 30 days will incur a storage fee of:

$30 per month per firearm for OnPoint members

$45 per month per firearm for non-members

Does Onpoint transfer (in/out) AR/AK pistols with braces or unserialized firearms?


Abandoned Inbound Transfers

Abandoned Inbound Transfers Notice: We consider firearms transferred to OnPoint abandoned if not picked up within 90 calendar days from the date the firearm was received by OnPoint unless other arrangements were made, and agreed to by OnPoint, in writing (or email) prior to OnPoint receiving the firearm. If we are unable to contact you by phone, (e.g. Shipper does not provide a contact number, you have changed your number, or you have a voicemail that has not been set-up, or we do not have  correct number), then it is your responsibility to come in and collect your firearm(s) within 90-calendar days, pay any applicable storage fees, and have the firearm(s) transferred into your name.

To avoid potential straw purchases, only the sender of a firearm can change the name of the person who will receive the firearm. Please be sure to account for all pistol purchase permit application delays and/or concealed carry permit application delays (delays for pistol purchase permits and concealed carry permits are your responsibility, and not OnPoint, so please have your permits prior to ordering guns and having them sent to OnPoint for transfer to avoid storage fees and possible abandoned firearms issues. Abandoned firearms will be disposed of for the previously anticipated cost of transfer and any accrued storage fees.  All monies collected from the sale of an abandoned and sold firearm shall belong to OnPoint and the intended recipient of such firearm shall not have any recourse against OnPoint, its owners, agents, or successors.