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3rd Party Firearms Instructors Requirements & Guidelines


At OnPoint, we value the service provided by firearms instructors to the community and want to support these efforts. Certified and insured firearms instructors may use the range for instructional purposes based on the instructions and requirements listed below. 

As a reference, this is the excerpt from the range rules that pertains to instructing on the range: 

“Only OnPoint approved 3rd party instructors may use the range to conduct training. All 3rd Party instructors are required to carry Liability Insurance and name OnPoint as an additional insured. Instructors will need to inform RSO prior to beginning a training session. All instruction and training activities require you to follow all OnPoint safety and guest policies and must not infringe on another guest’s experience.” 

Please review the range rules posted on our site to ensure that you are familiar with them and that your proposed training is within the scope of our range rules. 

Additionally, you will need to provide evidence of an instructor credential – NRA, NC CCP, etc., and copy of your certificate of liability insurance with OnPoint Solutions Inc (3501 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27616) added as a certificate holder or additional insured.  

As a firearms instructor, the only other requirements are that you are an OnPoint member and your student(s) are identified as such and pay for their range time at the standard non-member lane and guest-fee rates. You may not use your guest passes for commercial purposes.  

Once we confirm receipt of the documents listed above, you will receive approval to teach at OnPoint. Please scan the documents and email them to us here.

Any use of other facilities at OnPoint for firearms training will receive approval on a case-by-case basis.

Learn about our membership.