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Silencers/Suppressors @ OnPoint


If you’re new to the world of suppressors, then you might think that buying one is complicated, scary, and time-consuming. In fact, buying a silencer is easy with OnPoint. We are here to help you every step of the way. Not sure what you want? Call us or come in and we can talk with you about different options. 

Step 1. Find the right silencer for you 

You can choose one of our silencers in stock in store, ask us to order you one or go online to our partner Silencer Shop at At Silencer Shop, after you decide what you want, just create an account and pick OnPoint as your retailer. Once you complete the purchase, Silencer Shop will ship us your silencer. 

Step 2. Let us handle the paperwork  

After you have purchased your silencer, you will need to buy a federal tax tamp for $200. If it was not in stock here, once your silencer arrives at OnPoint (usually a couple of weeks after your purchase) we will contact you to certify your suppressor and file your Form 4 with the ATF for your tax stamp. At OnPoint we have kiosk that will let you do this in one place. With the kiosk, we will take both your fingerprints and photo as well as file the paperwork with you. It’s that simple. 

Step 3. Now we wait for the Tax Stamp 

These days tax stamps are running around 150 days. During that time, your silencer will need to stay at OnPoint until your tax stamp is approved. One of the biggest benefits of buying your silencer from OnPoint is that during that time we let you use your silencer on the range. Once you (and OnPoint) are notified via email tax stamp is approved then you can come in and pick up your silencer and take it home.