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Shotgun 1


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Check out shotgun class by taking Shotgun 1. It will introduce students to the basics of defensive shotgun nomenclature, ammunition, operation, loading, reloading, and patterning. We will help develop your understanding, capabilities, and limitations of your shotgun inside 25 yards.

Gear List

  • A pump or semi-auto shotgun, 12 gauge or 20 gauge, equipped with iron sights (bead, open or ghost ring) or a red dot, and minimum 3-round magazine tube. Shotguns with a detachable box magazine are discouraged for use in this class. Any size choke is acceptable.
  • Shotguns MUST have a stock. A shotgun with only a pistol grip is not acceptable. Shotguns with folding or wire stocks are strongly discouraged.
  • A shell carrier on the shotgun, and/or method of carrying shells on your belt.
  • Minimum of 10 factory loaded 00 buckshot shells, and 5 slugs. A limited amount of shotgun ammunition is available for purchase at OnPoint.
  • Eye glasses / Protective eye wear (prescription glasses are acceptable)
  • Ear protection
  • Closed-toed, supportive shoes
  • Closed-collar shirt or scarf (to prevent hot brass from going down your shirt)
  • Note taking material and pen
  • Water bottle / drinks

Shotgun Class Information

Cost: $160.00

Length of Class: 4 Hours

Estimated Round Count: 15 shells of 00 buck, 10 slug, and 25 birdshot

Pre-Requisites: None


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