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Range and lanes

The Range at OnPoint

The range at OnPoint features 18 lanes spread across three bays. All of our lanes support both handgun and rifle fire. The main bay is 25 yards and has 10 lanes. Additionally, we have two bays with four 15-yard lanes each. These bays are typically used for group events or used for handgun/pistol-caliber carbine (PCC) shooting for customers that want to get away from rifle blast. Rifle-calibers area welcome on these bays for private events as well. 

Whether training or entertainment is the goal, our range will let you maximize shooting time with intuitive controls, speedy equipment and an engagement platform that will appeal to shooters of all ability levels. Program options on every lane include: 

  • Proficiency-based: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro levels challenge any shooter. 
  • Skill-based: Self-guided trainings include self-defense, essential skill building, and firearm control programs. 
  • Integrated Targets: Specific targets are integrated into games and trainings for an unparalleled experience. 
  • User-Created Programs: An easy setup tool allows users to create dynamic multi-step programs on the fly. 

Features of the Range 

Dynamic Target Turning 

An integrated 360 degree turning clamp physically exposes and conceals the target for specific amounts of time. No matter your ability level to be challenged with limited time and predictability. Targets can be static, turn, tease or spin on command. 

Integrated Lights 

Built-in target and booth lights allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for your experience whether it is just for fun or for personal, law enforcement, and military firearms training. Options include dimmable white, strobe, fire, ambulance and police lights 

Fast and Accurate Target Carriers 

Carriers move at speeds up to 15 feet per second, can guarantee accurate positioning and even keeps track of its position when moved from a shot. Despite this power, our carriers move quietly along the track with elegant ramping speed to minimize your wait time and not be distracting.

Integrated Camera 

Displays target on local control screen. You can see in real-time where you are shooting instead of having to bring the carrier back home. 

Easy to Use Interface 
The design of our control Interfaces on our lanes includes intuitive navigation. You have different menu options to control the carrier, lights and camera as well as utilize the program drills and create your own. 

Features of the Range, continued

Muzzle Blast Barrier 

All of our lanes have muzzle blast barriers in the front of the stall that drastically improve your comfort by blocking muzzle blasts from adjacent lanes 

Stall Tables 

All of our lanes have a storage shelf so you don’t have to put your gear on the floor. 

State of Art Ventilation featuring: 

Laminar Diffusion

Clean air pumps into the range behind the shooting line. A radial diffuser ensures the air distributes evenly and there is no backflow into the shooting area. 

Constant Air Flow 

Negative air pressure draws hazardous dust safely away from you and toward the bullet trap at a rate of 75 feet per minute, exceeding minimum NIOSH standards. It then enters an advanced filtration system for a final cleaning process. 

Extra Range options available for booking an event in one of our Private Bays:


Want to try something revolutionary and exciting at your next event? These targets can be programed when and how long to appear and respond to your hits. The advanced hit detection technology in each AutoTarget provides immediate feedback of shot accuracy at any distance in up to four scoring zones. The available silhouette and hostage targets detect shots from metallic ammunition. The target sends a digital signal back to the app that tracks draw speed, split times, hit location, and causes the target to react.

Don’t forget to reserve your lane if you’re a member or sign our waiver if you’re new!