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Better than laser tag...SHOCK WARS

Grab your friends, put on a shock vest, and test your skills. Engage in force-on-force situations against your friends, family, or coworkers in our Challenge House. Play exciting 3 on 3 games like capture the flag, hostage rescue and more! here


Edged Weapons Defense with Steve Tarani

Are you prepared for a self-defense situation involving an edged weapon? Your blade is useless unless you know how to rapidly deploy and fight for your life. You will be trained in how to defend against an edged weapon attack when you can’t access your firearm, how to use an edged weapon against a violent physical threat and how to defend yourself against a blade attack even if you have nothing in your hands. Learn more here


BE PREPARED (D.I.R.T.) with Terry Vaughan

Be prepared! No one expects to be the victim of a crime, but bad things happen to good people all the time. Master reading your environment and the body language of the people in it, so you can avoid, defend, or counter ill intent. Learn more about being prepared and the D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training® class here


Every Day Carry Class

Do you have a CCH permit, but have never really learned how to carry or shoot from concealment? If so, this class is for you. Our Every Day Carry class builds on the fundamentals developed in our CCH class, with a focus on how to routinely carry and, if necessary, employ your concealed handgun in common defensive scenarios. Learn more here




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There’s growing interest in learning about the sport of shooting and handling firearms safely. Unfortunately, many people feel uncomfortable with the traditional gun range. No matter your background, beliefs or experience level, you’re going to love building shooting skills and gaining confidence at OnPoint.

Fun is the key.

Immerse yourself in OnPoint’s experiences and you’ll quickly advance through fun and challenging drills designed to teach skills, enhance performance and re-enforce safety procedures.

Own or rent — it’s up to you.

We’ve created an awesome rental program so there’s no need to purchase firearms to enjoy our ranges. We also have a selection of truly special reserve firearms designed to appeal to owners who want to try something new.

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