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green concealed carry gun being taken from inside the waistband holster

Concealed Carry Gun | What You Need To Know About Choosing

Choosing a concealed carry gun comes down to personal choice. We like what we feel fits well with our ergonomics and lifestyle.    

It’s a challenge to find the “perfect” handgun for everyday carry.  Most people, especially those new to firearms, think a smaller size is the most important factor. There are other important factors, including size, that we need to consider when choosing our EDC handgun.

Factors in Concealed Carry Firearms

Size – Smaller is not always better. What size handgun fits my hand and allows me to shoot accurately and with control?  The smaller the gun the more recoil there is to control, which can make shooting less accurate (plus a smaller round count).  Mid-size and larger handguns can be easily concealed with the abundance of high-quality holster designs and belt systems. 

Caliber – The size of the bullet is important for “stopping power,” but with modern technology, defensive ammunition as similar ballistic performance between the popular calibers of 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal.  So, we also must think about round count, controllability/shoot-ability for accuracy and shot placement, and reliability.  .22’s are easy to control, but are not reliable and don’t have adequate “stopping” power.  

Type of Handgun Action – Hammer fired, Striker fired, Double/single action, Double Action Only.  There are several choices to make and it comes down to your preference, confidence, and proficiency in the particular action you choose.  Better trigger control equates to better accuracy. We go over this information in depth in our Handgun classes.  

Reliability/Quality – You don’t have to buy an extremely expensive handgun, but you do pay for what you get.  There are plenty of affordable firearms, but sometimes a cheap gun is cheap for a reason.  Research and invest in a quality, brand name firearm. Your life may depend on that reliability. 

A Trainer’s Thoughts on Choosing a Concealed Carry Firearm

There is a lot to know about choosing a concealed carry gun.  Personally, I rotate between four handguns in my concealed carry arsenal depending on the time of year, clothing of the day, and event or situation I’ll be in that day.   My favorites for everyday are my 9mm’s: SIG P320 carry sized pistol, SIG P365 X, and my Staccato C. I also have my “beach” gun – a Kahr P380 pocket pistol for when I choose to have something rather than nothing. 

Some other popular choices for carrying are the Walther PDP-F, Springfield Hellcat Pro, Smith and Wesson Shield Pls, and the Glock 43x.  We carry all of these in stock, and have them in our rental pool to try before you buy.

These are concepts we learn in our training classes: Handgun 1, Concealed Carry Done Right, and Everyday Carry 1. Owning, carrying and using a firearm requires more than just a few range days.  Get training to help you navigate your choices in your everyday carry.  


Learn more about our Concealed Carry Done Right Class.

– David Ng

Director of Training

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