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NC Firearms Training | OnPoint Range, Raleigh

When it comes to responsible gun ownership, NC firearms training and education are essential. Whether your interest is in a “gun training range near me” or a “Raleigh self-defense class,” OnPoint Range has you covered. OnPoint Range in Raleigh, North Carolina is the go-to destination for top-notch North Carolina firearms training. With our comprehensive classes, modular approach, and diverse training options, OnPoint stands out as a premier firearms training academy in the Triangle area. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter looking to sharpen your skills, OnPoint provides a safe and supportive environment to meet your training needs.

We Take a Modular Approach to Firearms Training

OnPoint Range understands that everyone has unique training goals and time constraints. To accommodate diverse needs, OnPoint Range offers a modular approach to NC firearms training. This flexibility allows shooters to customize their training experience by selecting specific modules that align with their interests and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to master a particular shooting technique or explore various self-defense scenarios, the modular structure empowers you to create a personalized training program.

OnPoint Range Training Options

OnPoint Range offers two main training options: (1) group classes, and (2) private instruction.

  1. Group Classes: OnPoint Range offers group classes for individuals who enjoy learning in a collaborative setting. These classes foster a supportive environment where participants can learn from both instructors and fellow shooters. Group classes provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build camaraderie within the firearms community. We offer various classes including CC, Every Day Carry 1, Handgun 1, Handgun 2, Handgun 3, AR 1, AR 2, and Shotgun 1.
  2. Private Instruction: For those seeking personalized attention, OnPoint Range offers one-on-one private instruction. These sessions suit to your specific needs and skill level, providing focused guidance from highly-skilled instructors. Private instruction is ideal for beginners who want to build a solid foundation or advanced shooters aiming to refine their technique.

Classes Offered at OnPoint Range, Raleigh

At OnPoint Range, we offer a wide range of classes. Those classes cater to individuals of all skill levels with our NC firearms training. From basic firearms safety courses to advanced tactical training, we have something for everyone. Beginners can start with the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship, where they learn the basics of safe handling, grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. As shooters progress, they can explore more specialized courses like defensive pistol techniques, self-defense strategies, and advanced tactical shooting. A list of our classes and a brief description of each is provided below.

Concealed Carry Done Right –This is a two-day comprehensive concealed carry course that covers fundamentals taught in our Handgun 1 and 2 courses, legal requirements for concealed carry, basic handgun maintenance, and skills you will need to carry concealed including drawing from the holster, reloads, basic malfunction clearing, and low-light shooting. In this course students will undergo a shooting and written examination and, upon passing, will earn a certificate of completion. You submit the certificate of completion when applying for a concealed carry permit in the state of North Carolina.

Every Day Carry 1 – This course is a continuation of our concealed carry course. Students will build on their concealment skills and will learn low light and shooting from different positions, along with inside the waistband drawing.

The Handgun Series

Handgun 1 – Our Handgun 1 course covers the fundamentals of firearms safety, gun nomenclature, operation, marksmanship, fighting stances, emergency reloads, and shooting pairs. This course is the foundation for all other OnPoint Range courses.

Handgun 2 – Our Handgun 2 course builds upon the skills learned in the Handgun 1 course. This class teaches additional skills such as working on drawing from a holster, conducting tactical reloads, clearing basic malfunctions, and shooting .

Handgun 3 – This course builds upon the other foundational handgun courses OnPoint Range offers. This class covers Type 3 malfunction clearances and gun failure drills. It also covers shooting from the kneeling position, shooting with your non-dominant hand, how to utilize cover, and techniques for low-light engagements (students will learn different techniques for using handheld flashlights or gun-mounted lights).

The AR Series

AR 1 – OnPoint Range’s AR 1 course builds students’ fundamental understanding of rifle safety, nomenclature, basic operation, and how to zero an AR-15 on the range. Once students have the basics down, instructors will teach students about proper shooting stances, target acquisition, target identification, and target engagement, and how to conduct bolt-lock reloads while shooting targets at close range. Different ready positions the correct initial loading/load and make ready, emergency reloads proactive/tactical reloads. Placement of spare magazines on belt chest rig and plate carrier. We also teach engagement sequences.

AR 2 – This course builds upon the AR fundamentals taught in our AR 1 course. The AR 2 course provides more in-depth training on AR/rifle operation. It focuses on marksmanship, AR/rifle handling, and intermediate shooting positions to build confidence and improve competence. Students will also learn multiple target transitions, facing movement and if class skill level allows shooting while moving.

During both classes, we discuss dry fire techniques to allow students to increase their comfort and proficiency with the AR platform.

Shotgun 1 –This course introduces students to the basics of defensive shotgun nomenclature, ammunition, operation, loading, reloading, and patterning. We will help develop students’ understanding, capabilities, and limitations of operating a shotgun within 25 yards.

Let’s Start with Your OnPoint Range Training

Training at OnPoint Range is a straightforward process. Our current class schedule can be found on our website. Students can register for our classes by using the online class portal or by contacting our training coordinator. Our friendly staff can guide you through the registration process. They can also help you select the most suitable class or training package for your needs.

For those searching for “shooting range training” in Raleigh, OnPoint Range is a one-stop solution. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced instructors, and commitment to safety make us the premier choice for firearms education and training in the Triangle area. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, OnPoint Range is the perfect place to enhance your shooting skills, learn self-defense techniques, and embark on your training journey.

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