Amanda Brana, Author at OnPoint Range
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female with eye and ear protection hiding behind blue barrel

NC Firearms Training | OnPoint Range, Raleigh

When it comes to responsible gun ownership, NC firearms training and education are essential. Whether your interest is in a "gun training range near me" or a "Raleigh self-defense class," OnPoint Range has you covered. OnPoint Range in Raleigh, North Carolina is the go-to destination...

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concealed carry

Concealed Carry | What You Need to Know

What does a concealed carry class consist of? A North Carolina concealed carry class covers required information North Carolina residents need in order to carry a concealed firearm. Topics include: (1) basic firearm operation and safety, (2) laws detailing when you are allowed to carry a...

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How to Clean A Firearm | 6 Simple Steps 

Cleaning a firearm at home can be easy with the correct information and tools. Proper maintenance goes a long way to keep firearms performing well. Whether you own a shotgun, rifle, or handgun, cleaning supplies and equipment are basically the same.  What You Will Need To...

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instructor with orange training pistol teaching a class in a green shirt

Training | The Problem With Self-Defense

Whether you carry a firearm or a knife, have outstanding empty-handed skills, or the best Shoe-Fu (running) in the world, the problem with any self-defense is in the title: defense. By its very nature, you are already behind as someone else has decided the when...

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