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OnPoint Facilities


Single Lane

Member - Free (Member Benefit)
Non-member - $25/hour

Group Bay

Member - $135/hour
Non-member - $150/hour

Before you come to the range:

One way to maximize your time with us is to prepare for coming to the range. 
Here are a few things to do before you arrive:
Everyone who uses our range must fill out a range safety waiver. Just watch the brief 5-6 minute video, initial in a few places and enter some information from your driver's license. Be sure to bring your license with you. We will use it to confirm your waiver and create a profile.

Important Considerations

When you come to the range it is important to have a few things with you.

First, be sure to bring a state ID with you.  Preferably a driver's license or state ID card. A passport will also work.

Next, what to wear? On our range, like any other range, brass is ejected from your firearms and some of the firearms around you.  As a result, here are some recommendations for how to dress for success at the range.

We strongly recommend closed toe shoes.  Additionally, we strongly discourage low cut tops or blouses.  Shorts are fine; as are short sleeved shirts.  Tank tops are not recommended.  Wearing a baseball cap is not a bad idea as it can direct the falling brass away from your face.

On our range we allow calibers up to, but not including, .50 BMG.

Additionally, only brass cased ammunition is allowed.  This means, no steel or aluminum cased ammunition, no incindiary or armor piercing rounds.

You can shoot shotguns on the range, but only using buckshot or slugs.  Specifically buckshot up to #4 buckshot (not to be confused with #4 birdshot).

All firearms used on our range must have sight, either traditional iron sights or some type of optic.

We have few age restrictions at OnPoint.  Below are the age requirements for the various activities:
8yr + - General range use
10yr + - Discover Shooting or Parent/Child Classes or Private Lessons with a Parent or Guardian
16yr + - Discover Shooting, Classes or Private Lessons without a Parent or Guardian on Range (must be in building)
16yr + - IDPA (parental permission and presence, not participation required).
18yr + - Long gun rentals
21yr + - Handgun and Full Auto Rental, handgun ammo purchasing



In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your event or class, please contact us at

Rescheduling an event or class:

There is no rescheduling fee if done more than 48 hours before the event or class begins.

Requests to reschedule made within 48 hours of the start of the event or class will experience a rescheduling fee of $25.

Cancelling an event or class:

There is no cancellation fee if done more than 48 hours before the event or class begins.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the event or class will be refunded 50% of the fee for the event or class.

Event or Class No Shows:

Participants who fail to notify OnPoint of their intentions to not attend events or classes will receive no refund on the event or class.

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