Try It Before You Buy It
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Test the Waters with OnPoint Range: Try It Before You Buy It!


Explore the perfect firearm fit at OnPoint Range with our exclusive “Try Before You Buy” offer. We make it simple and easy to do. The guns that you rent to try, we don’t charge you for when you buy a gun, same day.


Rent any of our guns, as many as you like, full autos not included, experiencing each one sequentially to find your ideal match. It’s not just about choosing a gun; it’s about ensuring it aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs.


Here’s the game-changer: if you decide to buy a gun on the close of business the same day as your rentals, we’ll deduct the rental fees from your purchase price. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to test various options without the commitment, making your decision an informed and confident one.


Your purchase must be of the same type of gun you rented. This ensures that the experience aligns closely with the specific model you’re considering, allowing you to evaluate it thoroughly before making a commitment.


At OnPoint Range, we understand that choosing a firearm is a personal and critical decision. Our “Try Before You Buy” program empowers you with firsthand experience, making your selection process not just practical but enjoyable. Step into our range, explore the possibilities, and find the firearm that speaks to you. It’s not just a purchase; it’s a tailored experience at OnPoint Range.