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Reservation Process

  1. Review and Acknowledge Policies
  2. Complete Safety Waiver
  3. Reserve Lane(s)

Reservations Information

When utilizing the reservation system you are responsible for understanding what time(s) you have booked and how many lanes you have booked. The reservation system is configured to send a confirmation email. If, for any reason, you do not receive a confirmation email call us at the range and confirm your reservation. You are responsible for the charges associated for all lanes that you book on the system.

Non-members are required to pay $25 to reserve the lane at the time you book online.

IMPORTANT: All other charges, including guest fees will be paid at the counter when you check-in. This means that when you make your lane reservations, just reserve and pay for the lanes you would like. You will not be able to pay for other fees, such as additional shooter fees when making the reservation(s). We will handle those charges and any other items you may want and need at the counter, when you check in.

Our lanes are reserved in one-hour intervals with 55 minutes of the time for shooting. The remaining five minutes are to be used to clean-up and vacate the lane so that the next customer can start their reservation on time. Your range time begins at the time reflected on your reservation. If you are late onto the range for any reason including time spent waiting at check-in, your time will be reduced to fit within the time slot of your reservation.

Check-In and After Check-In

You must check-in at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled lane reservation or it is subject to cancellation. No refunds or options to reschedule will be given. If the lane is still available when you arrive, then you may use the remainder of the time in your reserved time slot. 

Lane fees are non-refundable. You may cancel up to two (2) hours before your lane time and receive reservation credit to be used at a later time. To ensure that your rescheduling is handled on time, we encourage you to do this online.

If you cancel your lane and/or need to reschedule, non-members will must go to the website and schedule a new time.

Members, if you do not cancel prior to two (2) hours before your reservation then this time will be considered your one hour per day of range time. Any additional reservations (and guests) that same day will be billed at the standard rate. To ensure that your rescheduling is handled on time, we encourage you to do this online. Though we will do our best, unfortunately, due to the volume of traffic during our busy times we cannot guarantee this will happen if you contact us by phone. 

Online Booking

The online booking system uses the terminology of “class size” to indicate a lane. Disregard this terminology as all guests will be checked-in when you arrive. Please remember that you can have a maximum of two people on a lane at any time.

Though you will reserve a specific lane, and we will endeavor to honor this request, OnPoint reserves the right to move you to another lane in event that your lane becomes unavailable.