Lane Reservations - OnPoint Range
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Reservation Process

  1. Review and Acknowledge Policies
  2. Complete Safety Waiver
  3. Reserve Lane(s)

The platform utilized for lane reservations is called EZ Facility.. While branded with OnPoint logos, it will look differently than this website.

When using the reservation system you will see a calendar view that shows which lanes and times are “available” designated by a blue colored box. If you do not see a blue box with the word “available” contained in it, then that lane is not immediately available.

It is important to remember, not all bays and lanes are always available. Additionally, certain bays and lanes only support specific types of shooting activities. Lanes 1 through 4 in Bay 1 and lanes 5 through 8 in Bay 2 are for pistol shooting only.

The main bay, lanes 9 through 18, supports pistols, rifles and shotguns. So choose the bay that best meets the firearm you want to use.

When making reservations online, please select the time, date, and lane you want to reserve.

If you want to reserve multiple lanes or the same lane for multiple hours, please make individual reservations for each lane and time.

When you click on the time and lane you desire you will shown a pop-up window with the lane and time information. You will be asked to click a button labeled “Book”. Once you do this you will be asked to either “Log in” or “Create Account”. Select the option that best fits your situation.

Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early to your scheduled lane time, especially if you intend to rent any of our firearms. Head to main counter with your government issued ID at the ready to begin the check-in process. We will assist with your selection of any rental firearms, ammunition, hearing protection, targets and more. 

Retain your receipt from check-in, it will contain the number of guests who will be allowed on to the range, any rentals you will need to pick-up and have your lane and time marked on it. 

If you checked-in early, ten (10) minutes before your range time, head back to the counter with your receipt to collect any equipment and get the go-ahead to head onto the range. 

If you would like to take advantage of our complementary new shooter orientation, please arrive at least 40 minutes early.