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challenge house

Challenge House at OnPoint

An air-conditioned light-controlled, sound-controlled 2,500 square foot room (The Challenge House). It also has a 1,500 square foot modular Shoot House within the room.  

The Challenge House has all the fundamental characteristics of a real home or business, complete with furnished rooms and outdoor space. Law enforcement personnel often uses it for home defense and our other training programs, or a great team-building event. Rent the Challenge House for birthdays, bachelor parties, or corporate events.  

The Shoot House, within the Challenge House, is completely modular and has different configurations to create different environments and situations for participants of all ability levels. A house for home defense, a convenience store etc. All the rooms, doors, windows, hallways and partitions provide lots of options for training scenarios or events. 

The surround-sound system can simulate helicopters, car alarms, dogs barking, people screaming and different types of gunfire and siren. The list of uses to create a sensory experience is limitless. The lighting system is equally flexible allowing full, dim, colored, strobing and well as other lighting in different parts of the house simultaneously.  

Force on force training and Shock Wars both utilize our Stress Vest equipment. In order to maximize the training benefits (or heighten the adrenaline during Shock Wars) Stress Vest provides an incentive to avoid opponents. The vest, belts, and helmets you use deliver anything from a vibration to a non-lethal but memorable shock when hit by an opponent. 

Simunitions are used for other training activities. Please inquire for more information