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Pistol Range Day/Night - Registration

Have you taken a pistol class or two but are not ready to move on to the next level, or just want to get in some solid practice under the guidance of an expert instructor? During Pistol Range Day / Night there is no set curriculum; you get to decide what to do, from focusing on certain skills to running selected drills for fun and friendly competition. All skill levels are welcome!
Pre-requisite: successful completion of any OnPoint handgun class.

IDPA Practice Night

Can't get enough IDPA?  Want to get in some more practice without actually being in a match?   During IDPA Practice Night we will resurrect several stages run at previous matches, plus one that will be run at the next match, to allow you to work on those areas that need some extra attention.   You will get tips and assistance from more experienced shooters to help you up your game.  This opportunity is limited to only 16 shooters, so sign up now!


When you click on an upcoming class, available classes will have a link on the right-hand side to register.

Gear List

  • A sturdy belt (minimum 1.5" in width, heavy leather or nylon is recommended) AND pants with belt loops.
  • A full or compact size, double-stack handgun, such as a Glock 19, Sig 320, or S&W M&P is preferred. Smaller sub-compact handguns such as the S&W Shield, Glock 43 or Sig 365 are acceptable, but may require more frequent reloading and are more difficult to manipulate than a larger handgun. A revolver is acceptable, but not optimal for the reasons outlined above. Micro compacts such as the S&W Bodyguard or Ruger LCP are NOT acceptable for this class.
  • OPTIONAL: A quality outside the waist band (OWB) kydex or leather holster for your handgun. This will need to be worn on the dominant-hand side of the body. Nylon "floppy" holsters, clip holsters, and Serpa type holsters with a side-mounted release button are not acceptable. Purses and handbags are also not acceptable.
  • Minimum of two magazines for your pistol.
  • A magazine pouch which will fit your handgun magazine(s), minimum of one.
  • Factory loaded ammunition, minimum of 30 rounds. 9mm or greater caliber is preferred. Ammunition is available for purchase at On Point.
  • Eye glasses / Protective eye ware (prescription glasses are acceptable)
  • Ear protection (foamie type ear plugs or outer mickey-mouse type hearing protectors, or both)
  • Closed-toed, supportive shoes
  • Closed-collar shirt or scarf (to prevent hot brass from going down your shirt) that can be tucked in your pants.
  • Note taking material and pen
  • Snacks / lunch
  • Water bottle / drinks


In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your event or class, please contact us at

Rescheduling an event or class:

There is no rescheduling fee if done more than 48 hours before the event or class begins.

Requests to reschedule made within 48 hours of the start of the event or class will experience a rescheduling fee of $25.

Cancelling an event or class:

There is no cancellation fee if done more than 48 hours before the event or class begins.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the event or class will be refunded 50% of the fee for the event or class.

Event or Class No Shows:

Participants who fail to notify OnPoint of their intentions to not attend events or classes will receive no refund on the event or class.

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