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Intro to AR-15 - Registration

Have you just bought or own an AR-15 style rifle, but don’t really know how it works or how to get it zeroed yet? This short, introductory class is designed to help the new AR shooter get to know their rifle, and get it hitting where they aim. You will learn the fundamentals of safety, rifle marksmanship, nomenclature and basic operation of the AR-15 weapon system, optics, and zeroing. We then head to the range to get both your optic and iron sights zeroed under the guidance of our expert instructors. By the end of class you should have a significantly greater understanding of the AR-15 weapons system, and be confident in your ability and your rifle to shoot accurately at close range.



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Gear List

  • AR-15 or similar carbine or rifle with iron sights and/or an optic (a red dot is optimal).
  • Minimum of two standard capacity magazines (20 or 30 rounds - 30 round magazines are optimal).
  • An appropriate one or two-point sling
  • A support-side belt mounted AR magazine pouch
  • Carrying case or rifle case
  • Factory loaded ammunition, bring 100 rounds. Ammunition is available for purchase at OnPoint. (Note: no steel cased, steel core or armor piercing ammunition is allowed)
  • A bag rest for your rifle (optional, but bring one if you have it).
  • Eye glasses / Protective eye wear (prescription glasses are acceptable)
  • Ear protection
  • Closed-toed, supportive shoes
  • Closed-collar shirt or scarf (to prevent hot brass from going down your shirt)
  • Note taking material and pen
  • Water bottle / drinks


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