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OnPoint Ladies Fall Event

You deserve some fun before the holidays begins so...Relax, enjoy time with friends and come experience all the range has to offer! October 21st will be a night packed full of fun just for you! 

WHERE: OnPoint Range, 3501 Spring Forest Rd. Raleigh, NC

WHEN: October 21st, 2021 - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

COST: Only $35/person

Here at OnPoint, there are a ton of different activities and experience opportunities. We have compiled some of our favorite and most popular experiences into one night of fun!  The cost is only $35 per person, below is all the great stuff you get:

If you want to shoot, we will have some of our rentals on the range for you to try and a taste of the Discover Shooting experience where you can shoot pop up targets! 

Are you ready to learn? We will have mini class teasers going on throughout the night. Learn from Terry Vaughan in a snippet of his D.I.R.T. (Dangerous Individual Recognition Training) class so that you can be more prepared and aware in your environment. Spend time in our Shoot House learning how to be safe and protect yourself in your own home. And finally, learn the parts of your firearm and how they all work together!

All shooting and training events will occur every half hour so you can experience each and every one!

Having so much fun might make you hungry!  There will be charcuterie, coffee, and wine! 

There will also be a raffle! All ladies will receive one raffle ticket when they arrive and check in. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased throughout the evening. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to charity. 

Prizes for the raffle include: a training class voucher, 2 months of OnPoint Membership, and OnPoint Gear. 

Again, here are all the great things included in your experience:

Try any or all of our range rental firearms, just purchase our ammo.

D.I.R.T. with Terry Vaughan

Discover Shooting

Know Your Firearm Clinic

Shoot House Teaser

Food and drinks

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