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Get to know OnPoint's training team

We have an amazingly talented and experienced team of trainers.

Deen Alexander

Deen Alexander is a USMC/US Army Veteran, shooting sports competitor, and Firearms and Tactics Instructor with over 17 years experience. He has spent the last 8 years working in the civilian side of the industry in many roles ranging from Instructor to Sales Associate to Store Manager. Deen is the father to three boys - Liam (8), Gabriel (10), and Damian (11).

Ben Bergamini

Ben Bergamini is motivated and excited to be apart of the OnPoint instructor team. After starting his firearms instruction career with the staff at Frontline Defense in Warrenton, North Carolina, he then joined Teufelshund Tactical as an instructor for the H&K roller delayed SMG the MP5 and other H&K platforms. Ben also served as the director of sales for Zenith firearms specializing in law enforcement and government sales. Utilizing his teamwork mindset he has been a successful member of Wilson County EMS and as a deputy sheriff in Bath County, Virginia and as an instructor at the North Carolina Justice Academy instructing the SWAT 2 curriculum. His instruction concentrates on the TCCC/TECC medical curriculum and Care Under Fire and he also carries his TMP-C certification as a Tactical Medical Practitioner. Ben is also currently on the instructor staff of Haley Strategic Partners based out of Scottsdale AZ. Ben is a proud member of the OnPoint staff and thrives on making our cadre successful through his teamwork mindset. Ben is happily married to his wife, Mandy, of over twenty years and has three children.

Shea Cook

Shea has been a full time law enforcement officer since 2002. He was certified as a NC General Instructor in 2009 and earned specialized firearms instructor certification in 2013. He is a member of IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors). While he holds a number of specialized instructor certifications, firearms instruction has been his passion. He feels the most fulfilled when his students have an "ah ha!" moment during a range day and walk away with a new found skill or grasp a concept they have struggled with. Shea has held armorer certifications with Sig, Glock, Remington and Colt. He is married with two daughters.

Randy Dolliver

I am an US Army veteran and have over 25 years of law enforcement experience. While in Maryland, I served 11 years on my agencies tactical team and was a Maryland LE Firearms Instructor. I am currently serving with a local Police Department as a patrol Lt. and am a NC LE Specialized Firearms Instructor and NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor. I have attended numerous LE and shooting schools including, Mid-South Institute of Self Defense Shooting, CQD, and NC DOJ active shooter response. I am a StressVest and Simunitions reality based training instructor. I am passionate about firearms training and love to see my students succeed and grow.

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