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The Games

Where fun meets a little friendly competition, skill comes secondary to a good time, and the range takes on a new form.
Welcome to the shooting experience for the 21st century.
There is a something for everyone – no matter your skill level

Alien Invasion


Aliens are invading the Earth. It is up to you to stop the alien invasion before it is too late. To stop the invasion, shoot all the aliens before they reach you here on Earth.

Ocean Battle Target


You are engaged in an epic sea battle that will most likely determine the outcome of the war. You must win this battle to keep your sea lanes open or face food and supply shortages at home and possible invasion. The mission is simple - sink or be sunk.

Shooting Gallery


This game will take you back to old time arcades and carnivals that all had a shooting gallery. The targets can vary and there are no stuffed animals to give out but the goal of getting as many points as possible has not changed.

Zombie Horde Target


The apocalypse is now and zombies are now overtaking the planet. Roving hordes of zombies are now on the hunt for humans to turn into more zombies. You must defend yourself and stop the zombie horde before it is too late.

Love our games? Then you will love our drills!



Train, train, then train some more. Our range technology delivers the ability for shooters like you to challenge yourself with dozens of drills designed by some of the top shooters in the world.

Custom Drills

Custom Drills

Create and run the custom drills you design.


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