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Steve Tarani
Edged Weapons Defense - Armed And Unarmed
September 18th and 19th

Are you prepared for a self-defense situation involving an edged weapon? Your blade is useless unless you know how to rapidly deploy and fight for your life. You will be trained in how to defend against an edged weapon attack when you can’t access your firearm, how to use an edged weapon against a violent physical threat and how to defend yourself against a blade attack even if you have nothing in your hands.


EWD Curriculum

  • Defense of the seven lethal target areas of your body
  • Managing the fateful injury/ distance liability gap
  • Risk metrics, blade mechanics
  • Wound analysis and effects
  • Armed and unarmed defense against an edged weapon attack at extreme close quarters
  • Mastering force vectors
  • Engaging multiple assailants
  • Exotic edged weapons such as the "karambit" and other curved blades





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Steve Tarani is one of the world's foremost experts in edged weapons training and self-defense.
Coming to OnPoint, Raleigh in September 18th and 19th.


Steve's Credentials

  • Former CIA employee
  • Served pre-election security detail for POTUS 45
  • Instructor for DoD, NSA, FBI, DHS and DEA
  • 20 years on staff at Gunsite Academy
  • Author, Educator, and Keynote speaker
  • Professional knife designer
  • Authored the International Chiefs of Police Model Policy on carry, deployment and usage of knives by officers.

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Gear List

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Fixed or folding blade (3 - 4 inches) carried in pocket or on a belt

Note: If you are a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Permit Holder, it is strongly recommended that you train with a replica/facsimile of your handgun as part of this course. Bring a blue/red/inert training gun with a matching holster in your typical carry position (IWB, OWB, etc).
If you do not have one, OnPoint has equipment available for rent that you may utilize.


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